Athens, ca. 449-413 BC. Silver tetradrachm.

Ancient Coins - Athens, ca. 449-413 BC. Silver tetradrachm.
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Denomination : Silver tetradrachm.

Date : The traditionally accepted dating of this style is 449 to 413 BC, but I believe they were probably minted down to at least 407 BC, which is the most likely date for the emergency issue plated coins of this style.

Size : 21.1 x 23.1 mm Weight : 16.92 grams.

Reference : Sear-2526.

Grade : VF but with a TEST CUT to the right of the owl, and a scratch on Athena's cheek.  Minor roughness.

Obverse : Head of Athena right. 

Reverse : Owl standing right, with an olive sprig and crescent moon over its shoulder, with a AQE to the right.

There are some green encrustations in side the test cut, but there are deposits from having been buried with something made of copper, and not the result of corrosion of a copper core.

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