Athens, ca. 449-413 BC. Silver tetradrachm.

Ancient Coins - Athens, ca. 449-413 BC. Silver tetradrachm.
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Denomination : Silver tetradrachm.

Date : The traditionally accepted dating of this style is 449 to 413 BC, but I believe they were probably minted down to at least 407 BC, which is the most likely date for the emergency issue plated coins of this style.

Size : 22.2 x 24.0 mm Weight : 16.91 grams.

Reference : Sear-2526.

Grade : VF/XF but has been a little over cleaned and so is very bright.

Obverse : Head of Athena right.  The obverse die was probably slightly worn, so the image of Athena is slightly soft looking.

Reverse : Owl standing right, with an olive sprig and crescent moon over its shoulder, with a AQE to the right.  The reverse die was very fresh, resulting in a great image of the owl.

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