Athens. ca. 393 to 300 BC. Silver Tetradrachm. Imitative style.

Ancient Coins - Athens. ca. 393 to 300 BC. Silver Tetradrachm. Imitative style.
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Denomination : Silver tetradrachm.

Date : at Athens this style dates to between 393 and 300 BC, and while this is a imitative coin, the style is fairly close so it likely comes from that general period as  well.

Possible area of minting : It is difficult to assign these imitative owls to a particular place of minting, as they were probably struck over a very wide area.  The general style is similar to the imitatives made in Bactria and Egypt under Persian rule in the mid to later 4th century BC. 

: 21.5 x 22.4 mm   Weight : 17.12 grams.

Reference : Based on Sear-2537.

Grade : XF and fairly well centered for a owl of this period (they are always on small flans and seldom much more of the design on the flan than this one does).

Obverse : Head of Athena right.

Reverse : Owl standing right, with an olive sprig over its shoulder, with AQE to the right.  The was likely a crescent moon over the shoulder on the die but that part of the design is off the faln (you must see the olive of the olive sprig.  The main feature that shows this is an imitative coin, is that the owl has a head far too large for it's body.

Provenance : ex Darcy Phalen collection.

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