Armenian, Levon III, AD 1301 to 1307. Silver Takvorian.

Ancient Coins - Armenian, Levon III, AD 1301 to 1307. Silver Takvorian.
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Denomination : Silver Tavorin.  Mint : Sis

Reference : Nec.-381 to 385 variety.

Size : 20.3 x 21.0 mm.  Weight : 2.38 grams.

Grade :  Fine with a defect at 8 o'clock on the obverse.  Old toning.

Obverse : King on horseback right, with three pellets n the left field, with an inscription that translates to LEVON KING OF THE ARMENIANS.

Reverse : Lion without claws, walking right, with a cross above and a pellet behind the tail, with an inscription that translates to STRUCK IN THE CITY OF SIS. 

This particular group of coins are 1/2 trams struck with dies that were original cut for striking full trams, which is why there are never found with full inscriptions (the flans are smaller than the dies).  Nercessian has 36 specimens listed between five types, none of which had enough inscription on the reverse to read the mint name.  They are fairly un-common coins.

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