Annamese. Bronze 1 cash. Uncertain period.

Ancient Coins - Annamese.  Bronze 1 cash.  Uncertain period.
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These small thin Annamese (Vietnam) bronze cash coins are a bit of mystery, and it is uncertain exactly when they were made.  This particular type is listed by Mitchiner (Non-Islamic States) as being from the Dinh Dynasty, and dating to AD 968 to 998, but only because it copies a Chinese coin of the Northern Sung Dynasty (S-460) of that date.  There is no good reason to believe it was made at the same time as the Northern Sung type, and it is more likely to date much later.

Date : uncertain, and might be anywhere between AD 968 and 1800.

Denomination : Bronze 1 cash.

Reference : Mitchiner (Non-Islamic) #4409 to 4411.

Size : 21.3 mm.   Weight : 1.75 grams.

Grade : VG

Obverse : "Thi Binh Thanh Bao"

Reverse : blank.

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