Aegina. Silver stater. ca. 445 to 431 BC.

Ancient Coins - Aegina. Silver stater. ca. 445 to 431 BC.
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Denomination : Silver stater. 

Reference : Sear Greek - 2600 variety. Milbank pl II #10.  SNG Delepierre 1540.  SNG Copenhagen 517.

Size : 16.6 x 19.0 mm. Weight : 12.38 grams.

Grade : VF with a circular countermark on the tortoise's shell.  There are a couple of light marks in the field to the left.  Well-centred with just one flipper of the flan (back right).

Obverse : Land Tortoise with  a segmented shell.  There is countermark on the turtles back, which appears to be a dot with a ring around it. 

Reverse : Incuse square with a skew pattern dividing it into five sections.

Some time during the mid-5th century BC, Aegina changed the symbol on their coin type from a sea turtle to a land tortoise.  The sea turtle would have represented Aegina's position as a major sea power, and I believe this change to a land tortoise was forced on them by the Athenians, following their defeat by the Athenians in 456 BC, to signify to the trading world that Aegina was no longer a major sea power in the region.

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