Aegina. Silver stater. ca. 445 to 431 BC.

Ancient Coins - Aegina.  Silver stater. ca. 445 to 431 BC.
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Denomination : Silver stater. 

Reference : Sear Greek - 2600

Size : 17.0 x 20.5 mm. Weight : 12.05 grams.

Grade : VF

Obverse : Land tortoise with a segmented shell.  There is small countermark of a leaf on the tortoises back.

Reverse : Incuse square witha "skew" pattern.

Some time in the mid-5th century BC Aegina switched the sea turtle to a land tortoise as it's civic badge on it's coins.  The reason for this has not been proven, but I personally believe it was forced on them by the Athenians who captured the city in 456 BC, as sign  Aigina's status as the major sea power in the region had come to an end.

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