Ancient Roman Byzantine Gold Solidus Coin of Emperor Arcadius - 388 AD

Ancient Coins - Ancient Roman Byzantine Gold Solidus Coin of Emperor Arcadius - 388 AD
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A charming, highly attractive and extremely fine example of an ancient Roman gold solidus minted under Emperor Arcadius (Flavius Arcadius Augustus). Struck while Arcadius was still a young junior Augustus under his father, Theodosius the Great, circa 383 - 388 AD at the ancient city of Constantinople.

The obverse with a wonderful portrait of young Arcadius, no older than 11. He is shown gazing right, wearing an ornate, jewelled diadem and thick cloak fastened with a circular brooch. The legend around reading:

D[ominvs] N[oster] ARCADIVS P[ivs] F[elix] AVG[vstvs]

"Our Lord Arcadius, Dutiful and Wise Augustus"

The reverse with the personification of the city of Constantinople, Constantinopolis. She is shown enthroned, holding a tall sceptre in her right hand and proudly displaying a large oval shield with her left, prow of ship below. The inscription reading:


"To the harmony of the Augusti"

VOT[is] V MVLT[vs] X

"5 years of Vows, to 10 years more"

CONOB in exergue.


A beautiful coin.


After the death of Theodosius the Great the Roman Empire was divided between his young sons into east and west with Arcadius (just 18 years old at accession) taking control of the east and his younger brother, Honorius the west.

Many consider Arcadius to be the first true Byzantine Emperor, under his reign east and west were ruled as largely distinct entities and the two would never again be ruled by one man, as they were under Arcadius' father, Theodosius.

Arcadius and his young brother reportedly had none of their father’s great abilities. In particular, Arcadius is described as a frail and impotent individual. His authority was carefully managed by a series of Praetorian Prefects and his wife, the Empress Eudoxia.

He died in 408, at just 31 years of age, apparently from a frail constitution rather than any foul play. However, the fact that his 7 year old son, Theodosius II inherited the throne without major opposition does indicate that, although weak, his reign had at least brought some stability.


Diameter: 22 mm.

Weight: 4.45 g.



Ex. British private collection, acquired in the early 1900's.

The present coin hails from the sale of an old English estate. The collection was formed during the early 20th Century and mainly included Roman gold aurei, solidi and Islamic gold dinars, chosen for their artistic merits, historical significance and or rarity.

We are pleased to offer some of the more interesting and beautiful examples from this old collection, offered for sale for the first time in over 100 years.

Ancient Coins - Ancient Roman Byzantine Gold Solidus Coin of Emperor Arcadius - 388 AD
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