Dominion of Canada 1868 Rifle Association Silver Medal (44 mm, 46.15 g, 12h) Rainbow Toning Choice UNC

Ancient Coins - Dominion of Canada 1868 Rifle Association Silver Medal (44 mm, 46.15 g, 12h) Rainbow Toning Choice UNC
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A Dominion of Canada Rifle Association Marksmanship Silver Award

Obverse: illustrating two standing riflemen shaking hands, backed by the Canadian coat-of-arms, inscribed in Latin "VIS UNITA FORTIOR" (Force is Stronger) below the riflemen, inside a beaded border,

Reverse: inscribed "PRESENTED BY THE DOMINION OF CANADA RIFLE ASSOCIATION 1868", inside a beaded border.

Leroux 1600. Choice rainbow toning. UNC.

Footnote: The Dominion of Canada Rifle Association was founded in 1868 and incorporated by an Act of Parliament 63-64 Victoria Chapter 99, assented to July 7, 1900, to promote and encourage the training of marksmanship throughout Canada. The passage of this Act was prompted by the imminent departure of the British Garrisons, who had all left by 1871, and by the then recent experience of the Fenian Raids which had occurred in 1866 against Canadian territory. On April 1st 1868, the Adjutant General of the Militia, General MacDougall, through the Honourable Minister of Militia, Sir G.E. Cartier, called a meeting in Ottawa of representatives of the Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. At this meeting, it was decided to proceed with the formation of the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association and the Governor General, his Excellency Viscount Monck accepted the role of Patron of the Association, a position held to this day by the current Governor General. The Association at that time brought together thirty three independent rifle associations. Rules, a Constitution and By-Laws were drawn up, a Council and Executive selected and a date was set for the first Annual Prize Meeting which was held at Laprairie, just outside Montreal. In excess of 900 competitors turned up to compete for $5,500 in prize money. The DCRA has continued to hold prize meetings every year since, except during the two World Wars. (C:17)
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