Athens Attica AR Drachm : Head of Athena / Owl : Scarce Type

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Athens Attica (ca. 353-294 BC) AR Drachm

Obv: Helmeted head of Athena right

Rev: Owl standing right, head facing, olive spray and crescent to left, AΘE downward to right; all within shallow incuse square : two ancient test cuts on surface

Size: 14.7mm, 3.4gms 

Ref: SNG Cop. 67
价格 品种: JA0306
US$ 295.00
  • € 274.56
  • £ 241.43
  • AUD 444.48
  • CHF 271.08
  • CAD 406.78

利率: 03/26/23

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