Vetranio 350AD - Centenionalis - HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS reverse

Ancient Coins - Vetranio 350AD - Centenionalis - HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS reverse
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Siscia mint

In 350AD, Magnentius was declared emperor in rebellion against the sons of Constantine the Great: Constantius II and Constans.  Constans was soon killed by the forces of Magnentius.   Constantius II was busy in the east at the time.  Vetranio was a general in the balkans who was declared emperor by his troops.  The area he controlled became a buffer between the Magnentius and Constantius II.  When Constantius II was able to move west again, Vetranio abdicated and turned over his territory to Constantius II.  He was allowed to live out the rest of his life in retirement. 

The reverse type refers to the vision of Constantine the Great at the battle of the Milvian Bridge against Maxentius.  The battle was not going well for Constantine.  In the night, he apparently had a vision of the Chi-Rho symbol and was instructed to follow it into battle.   With this he won the battle.  The reverse roughly translates as "with this symbol you will be victorious"

Obv: Bust of Vetranio right "DN VETRANIO PF AVG" "A" behind

Rev: Emperor standing facing left holding a labarum and scepter.  Victory is behind him crowning him with a wreath "HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS" "ESIS*" in the ex.

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