Macrinus 217-8 Sestertius

Ancient Coins - Macrinus 217-8 Sestertius
zoom view

Fields and Macrinus' cheek smoothed

Obv: Bust of Macrinus right "IMP CAES M OPEL SEV MACRINVS AVG"

Rev: Fides standing with head right holding two standards "FIDES MILITVM SC"

RCV 7387, RIC 141

This would be an $800 coin if some brainless guy had not smoothed the fields and cheek...  So it is priced accordingly.
价格 品种: 090616
US$ 325.00
  • € 319.31
  • £ 269.49
  • AUD 466.73
  • CHF 309.20
  • CAD 418.89

利率: 08/19/22

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