Hostilian (Caesar) 250-251 AD - Tetradrachm of Antioch

Ancient Coins - Hostilian (Caesar) 250-251 AD - Tetradrachm of Antioch
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11.93g - 25mm in diameter

A few old scratches on the obverse.  Beautiful dark glossy patina

Hostilian was the younger son of Trajan Decius.  He was promoted to Caesar near the end of his father's reight.  When both Trajan Decius and his other son were killed in battle,  Trebonius Gallus was proclaimed emperor by his troops.  Trebonius elevated Hostilian from Caesar to co-Augustus.   Hostilian was an emperor for four months before he died of the plague.   Because of his brief reign, his coins are scarce.

Antioch mint - Tetradrachm

Obv: Bust of Hostilian right "OYAL OCTILIAN ME KVINTOC KACAP"

Rev: Eagle standing on palm branch, wreath in his beak.  "DHMARX EXOVCIAC SC"

SGI 4301v (eagle right instead of left)

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