INDIA, MAURYA: Series VIb Silver punchmarked karshapana, GH 574. SUPERB!


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  • 利率: 5/19/2022
  • 品种: sjv017
Obverse Five official punches.
(See image below for the official marks)
Reverse One reverse mark (the so-called "Taxila" mark)
Date c. 3rd-2nd century BCE
Weight 3.35 gm.
Dimensions 17 x 13 mm.
Die axis n.a.
Reference GH 574
Comments According to Gupta and Hardaker, the Series VIb coins date to c. 270-175 BCE, the time of the great Mauryan emperor Ashoka and his successors. Ashoka, of course, was the emperor who spread the word of the Buddha throughout his empire.

The reverse of this coin has a mark that repeats one of the official marks on the obverse, except that it is smaller. Almost certainly, this is an official mark, not a banker's mark, as the coins in this series almost always have these small versions of official marks on them. This one is the so-called "Taxila" mark.
Image of punches
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