Moesia Inferior, Marcianopolis AE26, Caracalla & Julia Domna


价格: US$ 58.00 € 55.48
£ 47.69
AUD 84.35
CHF 55.68
CAD 74.53
  • 发货从:
  • 利率: 7/5/2022
  • 品种: cl1320

O: ANTWNINOC AVGOVCTOC IOVLIA DOMNA; Laureate, right facing bust of Caracalla confronting�draped bust of Domna facing left.

R: VP KYNTILIANOV MAPKIANOPOLITWN; Cybele seated left, holding patera; E in left field.
Moushmov #488, (11.13g, 27mm, 1h).
A decent quality coin with the confronted busts of Caracalla and Domna. Seldom this nice. Is that a knife he is holding to her throat?? Just kidding. ex-Clayton�
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