Roman Imperial Coins

TETRICUS I, AD 271-274, AE Antoninianus, SALVS AVGG, Cologne. Ex Beachy Head Hoard.

Gallic Empire, Tetricus I, AD 271-274, AE antoninianus (21x17mm, 2,27gm, 12h), Cologne. IMP C TETRIC[VS PF AV]G. Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. R: SALVS AVGG. Salus standing left, holding patera, from which she feeds a serpent, arising from a small altar at left; right hand on rudder. RIC V, part II, 126; C 124; S 11247. Good Very Fine/ About Very Fine, brown patina, worn reverse die.
Provenance: From the 1961 Beachy Head Hoard.
The Beachy Head (I) Hoard of 5,294 late Roman antoniniani found with pottery fragments near Bullock Down, East Sussex, England in 1961. The coins range in date from AD 260 to 275, from issues of Valerian I to those of Aurelian and the Tetrici. Details of the hoard were published by R.H.M. Dolley and M.A. O'Donovan in the Numismatic Chronicle for 1962.


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