1880 France – Medal or Cross of Saint Benedict

1880 France - Medal or Cross of Saint Benedict Obverse: EIVS IN OBITV NRO PRAE SENTIA MVNIAMVR / CRVX S PA TRIS / BEN EDIC TI - Saint Benedict facing front cross and bible in hands.  Obverse exergue: EX S M CASINO MDCCCLXXX.  Reverse: S M Q L I V B / PAX / V R S N S M V / CSSML / NDSMD / C S P B - cross with legend surounded by 4 circles with letters, surrounded by legend.  AU, Copper, 45.22mm, 40.4g, plain smooth edge, no mint marks.  Designed and struck in 1880 under the supervision of the monks of Montecassino, Italy, to mark the 1400th anniversary of the birth of St. Benedict. The design of this medal was produced at St. Martin's Archabbey, Beuron, Germany, at the request of the prior of Montecassino.  This piece looks like a mid 20th century restrike. 


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