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Italian Papal States: Pope Gregorius XIII - Ugo Boncompagni (1572-1585) AE Medal "the massacre of the Huguenots" 1572 (AN I). AU+

Size= 30mm, weight=12.99 gm. by Gian Federigo Bonzagni. Dated 1572.
Obv:  GREGORIVS  XIII  PONT  MAX  AN  I/ P  P , bust left, wearing camauro and mozzetta.
Rev:  VGONOTTORVM  STRAGES  1572  (the massacre of the Huguenots), massacre scene.
Ref: Mazio 110; Lincoln 697-9; Whitman 14.
Grade: UNC, dark brown surfaces. A later striking from original dies, struck under Pius IX re-mint of early Vatican medals order.


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