Great Britain

GREAT BRITAIN George III ND (1797) on 1793-PTS PR Bank Dollar (4 Shillings 9d) Choice EF

AR Bank Dollar (4 Shillings 9d) 41mm. 26.97g. Countermarked Spanish Dollar Bank of England

Counterstamp of an armored bust of George III, right, within an incuse oval.

Standard Spanish Colonial (Bolivia; Potosi mint) 8 Reales reverse.

S. 3765a; KM 634

A most appealing example, well struck on a broad host coin. Scarcer mint host coin for type.

Host coin Good VF and somewhat lustrous.

Dubbed by contemporary pundits as 'the head of a fool on the neck of an ass', this countermark is usually found on Mexico City Mint issues. More rarely it is encountered on issues of Peru, Bolivia, and Chile, respectively.


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