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Good Run of 8 Various Issues of Museum Notes of American Numismatic Society 14, 16, 17, 25, 28, 30, 31, & 33

Amreican Numismatic Society, New York. Blue card covers, all issues in NEW condition. Thousands of pages and hundreds of articles and plates. Many very important articles. Good opportunity to acquire a good run of this very important publication. Included following issues: 14 (1968), 16 (1970), 17 (1971), 25 (1980), 28 (1983), 30 (1985), 31 (1986), & 33 (1988) Very heavy set. Offered here @ at least one half or more off regular price, some issues are out of print at ANS.

General note on ANS Museum Notes

ANS MUSEUM NOTES is the Journal of the American Numismatic Society issued periodically since 1945 and annually since 1966. Each contains at least15-20 extremely interesting articles, notes and die-studies on Ancient,Medieval, Modern and Oriental coins, many of great importance, and usually half or more on Ancient coins in particular.

Detailed Information about each issue included in this lot:



Museum Notes of The American Numismatic Society - Volume 14 (1968)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1968, , 169 pages, 24 plates, blue cardcover.

-  Bacharach, Jere L. A few unpublished Mamluk Dirhems
-  Brand, John D. Notes on Numismatic Collections in museums. 8. Maidstone Museum
-  Bates, George E. Three Byzantine Notes.
-  Bedoukian, Paul Z. A classification of the coins of the artaxid Dynasty of Armenia.
-  Bates, George E. A Byzantine hoard from Coelesyria.
-  Lang, Mabel. Five Hellenistic lead weights.
-  Metcalf, D. M. The reformed folles of Theophilus  their styles and localization.
-  Miles, George C. Two unpublished Arab-Sasanian dirhems of 'Abdullah b. Umayyah.
-  MacKay, Pierre. Bronze coinage in Macedonia, 168-166 B.C.
-  MacKay, Pierre. Macedonian tetradrachms of 148-147 B.C.
-  Lowick, N. M. A Samanid Kakwayhid "mule".


Museum Notes of The American Numismatic Society - Volume 16 (1970)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1970, 188 pages, 38 plates, blue cardcover.

-  B., H. Decorations and medals  acquistions to the Africana Museum collection
-  Buttrey, Theodore V. Jr. Observations on the behavior of Tiberian counterstamps.
-  Bates, George E. Five Byzantine notes.
-  Bedoukian, Paul Z. Three Notes on Armenian Coins.
-  Balog, Paul. Three hoards of Mamluk coins
-  Balog, Paul. The coinage of the Mamluk Sultans additions and corrections
-  Eddy, Samuel K. The value of the Cyzicene stater at Athens in the fifth century.
-  Metcalf, D. M. The Magaracik Hoard of "Helmet" coins of Bohemund III of Antioch.
-  Kraay, Colin M. A note on the Carosino and Ionian Shore hoards.
-  Lowick, N. M. Balis  a new Tulunid mint.
-  Mitchell, Helen W. Notes on some Mamluk Dirhems.
-  Morkholm, Otto. The Seleucid mint at Antiochia on the Persian Gulf.
-  Panish, Charles K. The coinage of Ladakh.
-  Pollak, Phyllis. A Bithynian hoard of the first century B.C.
-  Williams, Roderick T. The Archaic coinage of Arcadian Heraea.


Museum Notes of The American Numismatic Society - Volume 17 (1971)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1971, 261 pages, 49 plates, blue cardcover.

Album, Stephen.  An Umayyad Hoard from Afghanistan
Bedoukian, Paul Z. Coinage of the Later Artaxiads.
Bates, George E. Constans II or Heraclonas? : an analysis of the Constatinopolitan Folles of Constans II.
Buttrey, Theodore V. Jr. The Hermosillo peso of 1839.
Betancourt, Philip P. A hoard of bronze coins from Erythrae
Jones, J. R. Some numismatic problems in the Delian inscriptions.
Davis, Norman M. Greek coins in the Portland Art Museum.
Holloway, R. Ross. An archaic hoard from Crete and the early Aeginetal coinage
Kleiner, Fred S. The Alexander Tetradrachms of Pergamum and Rhodes.
Miles, George C. Coins from the excavations of Ag. Petros, Herakleion, Crete.
Metcalf, D. M. The Pylia hoard. Deniers tournois of Frankish Greece.
Panish, Charles K. Early coinage of Bhutan.
Shamma, Samir. A Hoard of Fourth Century Dinars from Yemen.
Troxell, Hyla A. The Peloponnesian Alexanders.


Museum Notes of The American Numismatic Society - Volume 24 (1979)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1979, 282 pages, 51 plates, blue cardcover.

-  Balaguer, Anna M. Early Islamic transitional gold issues of North Africa
and Spain in the American Numismatic Society / Anna M. Balaguer ; Michael L. Bates, translator.
-  Bendall, Simon. The coinage of Trebizond under Isaac II (A. D. 1185-95).
-  Bauslaugh, Robert. The posthumous Alexander coinage of Chios.
-  Bruun, Patrick. The successive monetary reforms of Diocletian
-  Bier, Carol Manson. The work of al-Hasan b. Muhammad, die engraver at Isbahan and al-Muhammadiyya.
-  Broome, M. R. The silver coins of Baybars I without mint name.
-  Jones, Nicholas F. The autonomous wreathed tetradrachms of Magnesia-on-Maeander (very important die-study, Kroh p. 41, 3-1/2 stars)
-  Doty, Richard G. The Confederate issues of 17 February, 1864.
-  Houghton, Arthur. The second reign of Demetrius II of Syria at Tarsus.
-  Metcalf, William E. Roman aurei from India.
-  Matthews, Jane Timken. The source for the solidus issued by Constantine VII in 945
-  Morkholm, Otto. Some reflections on the early Cistophoric coinage.
-  Shiel, Norman. The coinage of Saloninus as Augustus.


Museum Notes of The American Numismatic Society - Volume 25 (1980)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1980, 232 pages, 23 plates, blue cardcover.

-  Bastien, Pierre. The Iantinum mint.
-  Brunk, Gregory G. A hoard from Syria countermarks by the Roman legions
-  Doty, Richard G. The Bolivian monetary medal.
-  Kleiner, Fred S. Further reflections on the early Cistophoric coinage.
-  Metcalf, William E. Three seventh-century Byzantine gold hoards.
-  Kraay, C. M. Jewish friends and allies of Rome.
-  McGovern, Wayne. Missing die probabilities expected die production and the index figure.
-  Rigsby, Kent J. The Imperial tetradrachms of Heliopolis.
-  Remler, Philip. Ottoman, Isfendiyarid, and Eretnid coinage  a currency community in fourteenth century Anatolia.
-  Zervos, Orestes H. Newell's manuscript of the Kuft hoard.
-  Waggoner, Nancy M. Coins from the William P. Wallace collection.
-  Whelan, Estelle J. A contribution to Danishmendid history  the figured copper coins.
-  Wicks, Robert S. Bull/Trisula coin issue of the fifth to eight century from Arakan, Assam and Bengal a revised typology and chronology.


Museum Notes of American Numismatic Society - Volume 28 (1983)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1983, 206 pages, 22 plates, blue cardcover.

Bedoukian, Paul Z.  Coinage of the Armenian kingdoms of Sophene and Commagene. (1983)
Burnett, Andrew. Rome and Alexandria : the minting of Egyptian tetradrachms under Severus Alexander
Carter, Giles F. A simplified method for calculating the original number of dies from die link statistics
Martin, Thomas R. The chronology of the fourth-century B.C. facing-head coinage of Larissa. (1983)
Lowick, Nicholas M. The wandering die of Nisabur : a sequel. (1983)
Morkholm, Otto. The autonomous tetradrachms of Laodicea ad Mare. (1983)
Kuntz, Roger. A gold dinar of the Sasanian Queen Buran. (1983)
Russell, James. A coin hoard of Maurice Tiberius from Anemurium, Isauria. (1983)
Troxell, Hyla A. Arsinoe's non-era. (1983)


Museum Notes of American Numismatic Society - Volume 30 (1985)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1985, 281 pages, 52 plates, blue cardcover.

Albertson, Fred C.  Maxentian hoards and the mint at Ostia / Fred C. Albertson.
Bastien, Pierre. Imitations of Roman bronze coins, A.D. 318-363.
Albertson, Fred C. Maxentian hoards and the mint at Ostia / Fred C. Albertson.
Johnston, Ann. The so-called "pseudo-autonomous" Greek Imperials.
Fisher, Roger S. Two notes on the Aesillas tetradrachms : mint attribution and a die control system.
Karras, Ruth Mazo. Early twelfth-century Bohemian coinage in light of a hoard of Vladislav I.
Carter, Martha L. A numismatic reconstruction of Kushano-Sasanian history / Martha L. Carter.
Carter, Martha L. A numismatic reconstruction of Kushano-Sasanian history / Martha L. Carter.
Kinns, Philip. Myrina and related forgeries.
Pollini, John. The meaning and date of the reverse type of Gaius Caesar on horseback.
Sacks, Kenneth S. The wreathed coins of Aeolian Myrina.
Stahl, Alan M. A fourteenth-century Venetian coin portrait.


Museum Notes of American Numismatic Society - Volume 31 (1986)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1986, 239 pages, 39 plates, blue cardcover.

Holland, Lionel.  Islamic bronze weights from Caesarea Maritima
Elayi, Josette. The Aradian Pataecus
Houghton, Arthur. The elephants of Nisibis
Houghton, Arthur. Tarik Darreh (Kangavar) hoard.
Jacobson, David M. A new interpretation of the reverse of Herod's largest coin.
Lasser, Joseph R. The Albany Committee of Correspondence's paper money.
Moore, Wayne. The divine couple of Demetrius II, Nicator, and his coinage at Nisibis.
Moysey, Robert A. The silver stater issues of Pharnabazos and Datames from the mint of Tarsus in  Cilicia.
Komaroff, Linda. The epigraphy of Timurid coinage : some preliminary remarks.
Kolbas, Judith G. Mamluk bronze weights : an extinct species?
Thompson, Margaret. The Armenak hoard (IGCH 1423).
Weigel, Richard D. An Augean stables coin type from Nicaea.


Museum Notes of The American Numismatic Society - Volume 33 (1988)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1988, 223 pages, 25 plates, blue cardcover.

-  Arnold-Biucchi, Carmen. A Greek archaic silver hoard from Selinus.
-  Kagan, Jonathan. Some archaic bovine curiosities.
-  Carter, Giles F. Zinc Content of Neronian Semisses and Quadrantes and the Relative Value of Zinc and Copper in the Coins of Nero
-  Houghton, Arthur. A hoard of Aegean tetradrachms and the autonomous tetradrachms of Elaeusa Sebaste.
-  MacIsaac, John D. Philiasian bronze coinage.
-  Newman, Eric P. Were counterfeit British style halfpence dated 1785 made specifically for American use?
-  Long, Jacqueline. A new solidus of Julian Caesar.
-  Spellberg, Denise A. The Umayyad north : numismatic evidence for frontier administration.
-  Sheridan, Jennifer A. The nome coins of Alexandria : Another Look.
-  Todesca, James J. The monetary history of Castile-Leon (ca. 1100-1300) in Light of the Bourgey hoard.
General note on ANS Museum Notes



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