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Dalmatia, Ragusa, Silver Perpero (26 mm, 5.47 gr.) 1707, Nice VF

Obverse: PROT. RAEIP. RHAGVSINAE, Saint Blasius standing holding model of city in his left hand.
Reverse: TVTA SALVS, Jesus Standing

Very Fine condition with nice toning, and nice details (please see detailing on St. Blasius robe), some adjustment marks on obverse as usual for the issue. RARE this nice.

KM 7, Mandic (Stara Perpera) 9.6

Nice example of this rare Ragusan issue, undervalued in Krause coin references. From an old collection assembled in 20's in Vienna, Austria.
Medieval city of Ragusa (Dubrovnik) is the best preserved city on the Adriatic Coast. The city walls are a symbol of medieval architecture and the most beautiful poem to liberty - Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro (Liberty is not to be sold for all the gold of the world) was inscribes upon them. A maritime merchant city-state that emerged from the Byzantine realm, Dubrovnik (Ragusa) became over the centuries a specific cultural combination of old Roman roots, a predominantly South Slavic population, the Catholic religion. With a span of over 500 years, the Dubrovnik coinage series is remarkable, like the Republic itself. Given here is a representative of the money that existed and circulated in 18th century.


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